At Pattern and Picture we love art, and we believe your carefully chosen artwork should be produced using only the best techniques and materials available. That’s why we only offer our wall murals in one fabric; the best one we can find, and the only one good enough to put our name to.

Our single-span, one-piece wall canvases are just that - a heavyweight, woven fabric that has the look and feel you would expect to find in an artist’s studio. The superior weight and feel of our wall canvas brings a luxurious feel to any room, and the subtle texture cuts down any glare that you may find on a super-smooth wallpaper, allowing you to enjoy your mural uninterrupted.

As you would expect from a fabric it’s very strong, doesn’t crease and won’t go soggy and tear like wallpaper can. And yes – it really does come in one piece! Other wallpaper products are supplied in narrow “drops” of 450-600mm, meaning that medium sized wall could need up to 10 drops – that’s 10 rolls to hang, 9 joins to line up, and a lot of mess to clear up! With a one-piece wall mural from Pattern and Picture there are no joins to get wrong and just the edges to trim in at the end – it couldn’t be simpler. Available in single pieces of up to 5m x 50m, an artwork from Pattern and Picture can truly transform ANY space.

For added piece of mind our wall canvas is rigorously tested for quality according to the latest standards, it’s fire retardant (fully tested to German Fire Regulations DIN 4102 B1 standard and French Fire Regulations M1) and wipe clean. Like you, we love the planet we live on, so our canvas is PVC free and it’s recyclable when you decide to replace it with a new artwork!

"The wallpaper is fabulous. To say we are really impressed with both the product and your service is an understatement, and we will without hesitation be using you again"
- Suzanne, UK

 Although having a “blank canvas” is great sometimes, it’s not so good when you want a stunning artwork on your wall. Luckily at Pattern and Picture we utilise the latest superwide print technology to ensure your chosen single-piece wall artwork is reproduced with pin-sharp resolution and stunning colour accuracy. Super-small ink droplets are directed though 30,000 nozzles onto the canvas to create ultra-fine details, sumptuous saturated colours, and perfect gradients. 

Our inks achieve the highest available points score of 8 on the standardised international blue wool scale; which shows that the colours exhibit a very high resistance to fading when used outdoors.

Our experienced staff treat every project as if it were for their own home – carefully selecting the crop, printing a proof and adjusting the print parameters to suit the artwork, should it be a landscape, a pattern or a 3D illusion.

An artist’s work is only realised when it is enjoyed by others. Purchase a Pattern and Picture wall canvas and we will bring your artwork to life.

This is our promise.

The benefits of purchasing a single-piece Pattern & Picture artwork:

  • One piece; no panels to match up and no edges to lift and fray
  • Luxurious heavyweight, textured canvas fabric
  • German made, fire rated to B1
  • Wipe-clean, tear and fade resistant
  • Superb print quality
  • Checked to ISO14001 standards before delivery
  • Highest level of resistance to fading


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