Every wall is different; some are rectangular, some have slopes, others have doors, windows and sockets in them. We love that your wall is special and unique, but that means we need you to tell us all about it so we can get your artwork to fit perfectly.

This may seem like a daunting task, but there are a few simple steps you can follow which cater for all shapes and sizes.

  1. Use a tape measure that is long enough to measure the wall in one go rather than trying to add up measurements.
  2. Stand back and imagine the wall with your artwork on it; we want to know all about that area, so ignore any skirting boards and coving that won’t be decorated.
  3. Now step forward and measure the widest width and the highest height that you can see. For example if you have a sloping ceiling measure below the slope. We will supply your artwork to the maximum dimensions and the slope can be trimmed off during installation.
  4. Ignore any doors, windows, hatches, switches, sockets etc. We will supply your artwork as a whole wall canvas to the maximum dimensions and these features can be trimmed out during installation.

We know that houses aren’t all square boxes, so we will supply your artwork with an extra 5cm on all sides to allow for uneven walls.

If you need any advice or want to supply us with a photo and additional dimensions of your wall for us to mock up, please get in touch at hello@patternandpicture.com