Wallpaper and art are our passions, and we want to share them. In a BIG way.

We have carefully curated and commissioned artworks that will make a statement and transform your home. We have the know-how and the knowledge to create a transofmational wallpaper, but YOU have the vision.

Follow these simple steps to create your amazing Art wallpaper:


  1. Make Your Move

Measure up your wall (instructions are available here) and choose your design from our collections, or for a real treat ask us about a one-off commission from our resident artists, photographers or graphic designers. We will print your artwork to order – so let’s make it really special.


  1. The How, the Who and the Where

Tell us what accessories you need, if you want a hand to install and where to find you. You can keep your details with us so that ordering is even quicker next time, giving you more time to choose the perfect artwork for your next project.


  1. Thumbs Up

Every wall is different and needs a personal touch, so as soon as you have ordered your artwork we will resize and crop the design to best fit your measurements and email you a visual proof. We are only happy when you are and art is personal to everyone, so please don’t be afraid to request changes. Once you are happy with the layout, send an email to let us know and the countdown begins.


  1. Three P’s

Your bespoke wall canvas is Printed using the finest digital wall canvas and most advanced printing machines before being quality checked against our rigorous standards.

We carefully hand-roll and Package your artwork in a made to measure postal tube to avoid any accidents on the way.

The journey begins as your wall canvas is Posted with our trusted delivery partner and should arrive at your home within 3-4 working days from approval of the visual proof.


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