Would you like something uniquely special to transform your home with art? Our select group of both up-and-coming and established name designers can provide this. Your own unique designer wallpaper, beautifully printed and ready to transform your living space.

Select your favourite designer from our team, or if you have an idea or specification, a pattern or style of photograph, let us know and our team of designers can work to produce a beautiful design that will be completely unique to your home: one of a kind bespoke wallpaper.

Below are the profiles of our favourite designers. These are artists at the top of their field; their creativity and talent is endless. Our designers will work with you to help tailor and steer your design. You can specify subtlety or excitement, your favourite colours, pattern or scene. The more specific you are the better the final result. You have the opportunity to work with some of the best in the country to produce something beautiful, just for you.

Once your design is complete we will print your grand-format artwork, and you alone will retain the rights to its reproduction: it’s your design forever. Our installation team will carefully hang your creation, and turn your home into a unique piece of art.