Pattern & Picture have an artist-led approach, linking the design community with our customers to create affordable art pieces which will transform your home.

We work with up-and-coming and leading designers, photographers, artists and illustrators to promote their work and deliver it through the medium of wall-sized canvas murals.

Pattern & Picture’s large-format designer wallpaper provides the medium to deliver the emotions, feelings and moods created by artists on a room-filling scale – to transform your space.

Each designer has their own unique style, theme and technique. Our curated selection of work brings the best in art and photography to the forefront. Choose from our designer wallpaper collections - some are limited editions, so when they are gone, they are gone. Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity, with an optional artists signature and numbering printed to a location of your choice.

Olivia Boutrou Olivia Boutrou Collection
Olivier Bonneau Collection

 Olivier Bonneau Collection

 Gayle McCabe Collection

Gloria Franco
Sue Gibbins


If you like a particular style, or have a favourite artist in our group and you would like a unique piece of art work to transform your home, let us know. We will provide an exclusive work of art, just for you.

Select your favourite designer from our team, or if you have an idea or specification, a pattern or style of photograph, let us know and our team of designers can work to produce a bespoke design that will be completely unique to your home.

Our creative team and designers will work with you to help tailor and steer your design. You can specify subtlety or excitement, your favourite colours, pattern or scene. The more specific you are the better the final result. You have the opportunity to work with some of the best international designers to produce something beautiful, just for you.

Once your design is complete we will print your grand-format artwork, and you alone will retain the rights to its reproduction: it’s your design forever. Our installation team will carefully hang your creation, and turn your home into a unique piece of art.

To find out more and request a consultation, please contact

A Bespoke Boys Bedroom

When a customer came to us with a great brief for our commissions service, we jumped at the chance to help. With two sons who love cars and some special birthdays coming up, we thought they deserved something amazing, and these wallpapers bring their fantasies to life.
After a quick chat with dad, we realised that the boys loved Koenigsegg cars above all others, so our in-house image researcher set about finding the perfect pictures to turn into single-piece wallpapers for their bedrooms. Making sure the image is at the right resolution, aspect ratio and with good, clean detail and colour can be the difference between good and amazing. Pattern and Picture has the skill and experience to find the perfect image – so let us do the hard work for you.

Let us do the hard work

Once the boys picked their favourite photographs (obviously not knowing what for…), Pattern and Picture licensed, cropped and printed them to create stunning wallpaper in vivid colour and detail.
The last job was to pop over to their home and install their new, bespoke wallpaper while the boys were out swimming on Saturday morning. Both wallpapers were completed in a couple of hours, giving the boys a really special surprise birthday present.
If you have an idea for a special occasion, get in touch with Pattern and Picture – our unique single-piece bespoke wallpaper is a truly great present.


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